Porcelain mortar with pestle D60

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Porcelain mortar with pestle and pouring edge.

Excellent for quick rubbing and finishing dry pigments up to a hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale.

A mortar and pestle made of porcelain for grinding loose pigments is an ancient invention invented by medieval alchemists for grinding fractions of various substances.

The porcelain material from which the dishes are made does not peel off during mechanical grinding, which guarantees the absolute purity of the crushed product without the ingress of mortar particles. For more efficient grinding, the inner surface of the mortar is not glazed.


Mortar diameter: 60 mm;

Material: porcelain.

Benefits of porcelain mortar and pestle:

• Ability to independently regulate the fraction of pigments used;

• Maximum convenience in maintenance and use;

• Made from environmentally friendly materials;

• Particles of dishes do not exfoliate during abrasion and do not fall into the ground powder;