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Gum arabic is obtained from the resin of some varieties of African acacias. It is used in watercolor technique, increases the brilliance and transparency of watercolor and gouache paints. To obtain the required solution, take 1 part of gum arabic powder to 1 part of water, then filter the resulting solution, after which it can be used as a binder in watercolors.

Pigment of any color is suspended in acacia gum in varying amounts, resulting in watercolor paint. Water acts as a medium or thinner to thin the watercolor paint and help transfer the paint to a surface such as paper. When all the moisture has evaporated, the acacia gum usually does not bind the pigment to the surface of the paper, but is completely absorbed by the deeper layers.

If little water is used, once evaporated, acacia gum acts as a true binder in the paint film, increasing brightness and helping to prevent lightening of colors. Gum arabic allows finer control of the wash as it makes it easier to disperse the pigment particles. In addition, acacia gum slows down the evaporation of water, which slightly increases the operating time.

Adding a small amount of gum arabic to watercolor pigment and water makes it easier to remove the pigment from the paper, which can be a useful tool when removing color when painting in watercolor.