In memory of the founder of the company Natural Pigments

Grigoriev Alexander Viktorovich

(08/21/1960 - 08/31/2017)

After a severe long-term illness, a former employee of the sector of rare metals, our old friend Sasha Grigoriev, passed away.

In 1978 Sasha entered the Moscow Mining Institute. A year later, he transferred to the Moscow State Research Institute, graduating from the department of RMRE in 1983. By distribution, he worked as a geologist, senior geologist in the Daurian expedition of the Chitageology PGO. He transferred to VIMS at the end of 1984.

Alexander Grigoriev, having a great inclination and interest in research work, was fluent in various methods for studying ores and minerals, becoming an established specialist in the field of mineralogy and petrography.

Working in a group for the study of the Ulug-Tanzek niobium-tantalum deposit under the leadership of T.N. Shurigi, Alexander Grigoriev, thanks to the integration of research methods, new data were obtained on the study of the distribution of tantalum-niobium and uranium mineralization in various types of ores. The results of his work were included in the report on the calculation of the reserves of the field.

In the 90s, Alexander Grigoriev was the responsible executor of the contractual theme for the study of the material composition of the ores of the Aryskan deposit of rare earths of the yttrium group. In the ores of the Aryskan deposit, Alexander Grigoriev discovered a new rare-earth mineral kostonite, named after the discoverers of the Aryskan deposit N.I. Kostina and N.E. Kostina. After leaving VIMS in 1994 until 1997, at the invitation of D.V. Rundkvist worked at the State Museum named after V.I.Vernadsky.

In 1997, Sasha opened and headed the Natural Pigments enterprise, which is engaged in the production of natural mineral pigments according to the restored old recipe and technology for the production of these materials.

Being engaged in entrepreneurial activity, Alexander invested a lot of money in charity.

Many of his classmates, colleagues and friends work at VIMS, with whom he maintained the closest relationship until the last days of his life.

We will keep warm feelings and good memory of this bright person.

Friends and colleagues