About Us

Our company has been producing natural mineral pigments since 1997. Until 2004, it was called PBOYuL A.V. Grigoriev, and since January 2005 it has been transformed into Natural Pigments LLC. Over the past years, we have managed to achieve sustainable product quality indicators and significantly expand the range of art materials produced.

A feature of the enterprise is the full cycle of production of natural pigments, which includes the extraction of raw materials, their processing (crushing, washing, various types of separation), final abrasion and packaging. The fineness of grinding for various types of pigments varies from 5 microns to 100 microns. Ochers and colored earths usually have a fine grinding, and minerals with a crystalline structure (lapis lazuli, azurite, cinnabar) are often produced with coarser grinding, which allows the artist himself to control the degree of pigment grinding, since the shade of the paint layer of crystalline pigments directly depends on the grain size of the mineral . For example, finely worn cinnabar has a warm tone, while its coarser fraction takes on a cold raspberry tone. To meet the needs of the consumers of our products, we are ready to carry out individual orders for grinding pigments to the required size. To solve such problems, the production base of Natural Pigments LLC has all the necessary equipment and competent specialists.

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A separate area of our production is the synthesis of pigments, which we call historical. These are compounds obtained artificially long before the time when synthetic pigments almost replaced natural pigments. At the same time, such materials have been successfully used in painting along with natural pigments, and the test of time has shown their full validity. We are talking about such pigments as crappe varnish, Neapolitan yellow and lead-tin. We have restored the old recipes and technologies for the production of these materials and, unlike other pigment manufacturers, we have the right to give them the appropriate names without the bashful small print “imitation”. Our pigments are fully consistent with the composition and structure of similar pigments produced many centuries ago.

Our pigments are perfectly combined with any type of binder and are used in various painting techniques. They are especially well suited for all types of tempera, widely used in oil painting, mineral pigments are traditional in fresco and have proven themselves well in painting on a silicate binder and in combination with acrylic. Natural pigments are indispensable in the restoration work of the works of ancient masters who did not know the achievements of modern chemistry. Undoubtedly, modern chemical pigments are of great importance in the production of art materials, but on the side of natural pigments there is one indisputable advantage - these pigments have been tested by thousands of years of human history, and the works of ancient eras still retain their original appearance due to the permanence and richness of colors created by nature itself. .