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Chlorite is one of the minerals commonly found in nature. It is characterized by a wide color palette, which begins with a light yellow tint and ends with a dark green, almost black color. To date, about twenty subspecies of chlorite are known, which are united by a glass or mother-of-pearl luster and widespread use in various human activities.

The name of the stone is of Greek origin, "chloros" is translated as "green", this is due to the fact that bottle-green color is characteristic of many varieties of this mineral.

•Chemical description: Metamorphic rock, a group of mica-like minerals from a subclass of sheet silicates.

• Light fastness - 8

•Alkali resistance:5

• Lime resistance: 5

• Acid resistance: 5

•ColorIndex PG23

• Glazing

•Suitable Acrylic, Fresco, Ceramics, Oil, Tempera, Watercolor/Gouache, Silicate binder, Cement/Plaster

• Color grey-green

• Powder form

• Medium hiding power